Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access the API?

You can register at for getting free access to the platform for a trial period of 42 days (pricing details).

How do I get a key for accessing the API?

The API access is managed by the dashboard. There you can create applications and generate keys for accessing the API.

Does the API support OAuth2?

OAuth2 is not supported at the moment, but it's something we've thought about. We'll add it as soon we have enough uses cases that justify its addition.

What do "release" and "publish" datasets mean?

When you release a dataset, it will become available as component in your analysis chains. That means you can use your custom dataset to perform analysis operations (e.g., NER over those entities). It requires the dataset uses one of the supported schemas (SKOS, DC, FOAF or RDFS). Datasets can be released for your private usage only, or for the public marketplace, so other users can use it in their analysis chains.

When you publish a dataset, it will become publicly available according the Linked Data principles through our data hub ( under the following schema:{USER}/{DATASET}/...

How can I configure my analysis chain?

Such kind of configurations are done from dashboard:

  1. The first step is to create and upload your custom dataset. Please, take into account that the dataset needs to follow one of the supported schemas (SKOS, DC, FOAF or RDFS) for being used later. If you just want to use any of the generic datasets available (DBpedia or Freebase, for example) for analysis, just ignore this step.
  2. Once you have your dataset in the cloud platform, you would need to release it for making it available as knowledge base for analysis.
  3. Then, creating a new analysis, you should be able to add the dataset you've just released.
  4. So now you can bind your new analysis chain to an application an use it for your custom content analysis operations.

How can I upload my dataset?

You can upload dataset both from the dashboard or via the API.

How can I upload big datasets?

The API or the dashboard might not be the best way to upload big datasets (>16MB). Soon we will provide a more convenient way for such needs; in the meantime, you can contact us to find alternatives.

Could I use my custom URIs for publishing Linked Data?

When you publish a dataset, by default it will become publicly available under the following URI's schema:{USER}/{DATASET}/...

If your URIs do not fit with such base URI, you can still access the data by using:{USER}/{DATASET}/?uri=

Custom domains will be available under a different cost model. Please, contact us at for setting it up.

Why don't you offer public SPARQL support?

Through our data hub we're pubicly offering raw Linked Data support. But SPARQL is restricted to the API.

That's because we are very chary with the quality of our service, and we want to deliver the best possible quality to our customers. Thus, taking into account the inherited complexity of SPARQL, we are not thinking to provide public SPARQL access to your datasets for now.